"How do I fulfil the Great Commission as a student?"

From personal experience, we find that it is sometimes difficult for Christian students to find meaning in our studies, and there seems to exist a "sacred-secular divide", with church being compartmentalised to a sunday service. In addition, university is typically a time of self discovery and deciding which career path to pursue upon graduation. Christian students might struggle to see how their future seemingly "meaningless" career fits their call to serve God.

At Christian Impact Network, we hope to foster a community of Christian students who want to use their skills to glorify God and fulfil the Great Commission. We do this through providing students with the opportunity to join our management team, where they are directly involved with empowering Christian churches and charities in their effort to spread the gospel. We also hope to integrate graduating students into our city based communities of likeminded professionals who will support each of them in their journey towards Christlikeness. 

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Skills-BaseD volunteer

Are you a graduating student who seeks to glorify God through your future career? Join Christian Impact Network today to meet many likeminded Christian recent graduates and current professions that will be a good support network. By joining our network, we will keep you updated on various skills-based volunteer opportunities required by Christian churches and Christian charities. We note that recent graduates would require some time to settle into their new jobs and gain skill sets - thus fresh graduates are welcomed to join the network and are not required to volunteer in the immediate future, and are welcomed to start volunteering when they feel more ready/ equipped. 

Please refer to the "For Professionals" page for more information. 


If you believe strongly in our mission and would like to be involved in the running of Christian Impact Network, we would like to invite you to apply to join our team. We are looking for passionate Christians who want to bridge the sacred-secular divide and want to encourage other Christians in fulfilling the Great Commission in their daily lives.

As a team member, you will be given significant autonomy in shaping your role. Possible responsibilities range from recruiting Christian churches and charities, organising events in your local city that foster a community, increasing awareness through writing pieces for our blog, to supporting our beneficiaries through prayer.

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Are you a representative from a Christian fellowship at your local university that is committed to seeking first His Kingdom and exalting Christ? We hope that by partnering with Christian Impact Network, the members at your Christian fellowship will be given practical opportunities to serve God with their talents. Additionally, through our community of professionals, we hope to support the graduating students in your fellowships as they transition from student to working life. We believe that it is important for Christians to be plugged in to a faithful and outward looking local community to run this Christian journey together. Please contact us via the form below if your Christian Fellowship is interested in partnering with us.

Fulfilling the great commission


Matthew 28:18-20